All our estates have obtained the UTZ and Rainforest Alliance Certification for sustainable growing and processing practices.  UTZ CERTIFIED is one of the largest sustainability programs for coffee, cocoa and tea in the world: one-third of all coffee that is sustainably traded worldwide is certified by UTZ.


With local communities forming the backbone of our industry, we at MSP Coffee aim to provide a fair, safe and comfortable working and living environment for staff and employees.  Permanent staff are offered free housing on the estates with subsidised utilities.  A hospital staffed by a full time nurse, ambulance service and basic medication is also available free of charge.  A creche and nursery is also provided to families with young children during working hours.


-Reforestation & Preservation of Animals

Preserving the native “Shola” (forest) is a prime objective of our practices here at MSP Coffee.  A significant effort is being made to plant and nurture native trees in an attempt to restore the environment’s natural ecosystem – this is done despite the resulting excess shade adversely affecting our crop.  Fruit bearing trees such as Fig, Jambolina, Singapore Cherry and Loquat have also been introduced to promote the natural habitat of the birds and local animals.


With the effects of global warming increasing in severity every year, water preservation and recycling has never been as important as it is now.  Hence, our intricate drainage systems and water storage facilities ensure that every drop of precious rain is harvested for utilisation on our estates for plants and people alike.  Wherever possible, water is also recycled.


As far as possible, the use of plastic is minimised and substituted with biodegradable products on our estates in an effort to reduce pollution.  Wastage is also minimised by recycling anything that can be recycled!